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We have new UV lights in the yoga rooms to help eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and allergy-inducing microorganisms. These lights will only run when class is not session.

Our cleaning solutions have been strengthened by using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Thieves essential oils (to boost the immune system, promote respiratory health, and fight microbes

The sign-in process has changed! We ask that everyone stay outside until you are waved in by the teacher. We have a thermometer that allows us to quickly take your temperature when you get to the desk, and that’s where we will sign you in. No pen for now.

We strongly encourage everyone to download the Yoga Factory App so you can sign-in ahead of time!

As you enter the lobby, we ask that the students make it to their mat as quickly as possible. If we touch less surfaces and minimally congregate in the lobby or changing rooms, we can help decrease the possibility of spread within our space. For now, one shower per changing room is open for use and we ask that only two people use the changing room at a time.

Please wear your mask at all times in the studio.

Our teachers will not be doing any hands-on corrections. No mat or towel rentals for now. No Props, but feel free to bring your own (blocks, straps, etc). There are no Sculpt classes, but you can bring your own weights/bands to the HIIT classes and use them if you'd like.

There will be 30 minute (or more) gaps between all classes because we will be cleaning the studio!

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