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Full Name




Kate Bellotte

Yoga Teacher

26 & 2, HIIT, LIIT

I was an athlete from a very young age. I went to college and played Division I lacrosse at the University of Maryland so sports were a huge part of my life. I became a big runner after college while looking for the next thing to challenge me and keep me in shape. I stumbled across Original Hot 26 & 2 Yoga and loved the challenge, the intensity, but most of all how it made me feel once I left the room. I started practicing in December of 2009 and never looked back! I went to class everyday and attended Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA in 2011. I wanted to be able to help people and share with people just how good you could feel. Over the years yoga has grown into so much more for me than just a work out (but that's really how I got started). Three kids later I still love this practice and continue to keep it part of my life on a weekly basis. I don't have the ability to go everyday with having 3 children, but I try to make it a minim of 3 days a week. I know I will be back to practicing everyday at some point in my life as the yoga is always there for me. This practice has changed my life for so much better and I have always felt it's something I wanted to share with each and every person I meet!